Air ionizers

Air ionizers have a beneficial effect on both humans, animals and plants. Their main task is to remove the negative effects of monitor radiation - not only computer but also television. They work on the principle that makes them change the charge of air from negative (caused, among others, by pollution and radiation produced by everyday equipment and staying in closed spaces for a long time) to positive (making the air clean and crisp). Especially the inhabitants of large cities and large agglomerations are exposed to this kind of threat of changing the air load.

Air ionizers are an ideal solution in such situations. They eliminate substances such as dust particles, cigarette smoke, microorganisms (including bacteria or mites) and pollen from the air, which often cause allergic reactions in the pollen season. In addition, they have healing and soothing effects for patients who are struggling with upper respiratory tract diseases (e.g. obstruction, recurrent larynx or throat inflammation, etc.) and for all kinds of allergies caused by seasonal pollination of various types of plants.

Air ionizers are products that are recommended as supporting the treatment of respiratory diseases (including asthma and tuberculosis) and other disorders in the functioning of the body, such as migraines, neuralgia, insomnia and many other diseases. Constantly used air ionizers cause a significant improvement in well-being, in addition, they promote good rest, work and study. They support concentration, improve physical condition, and also accelerate regeneration and rest. The use of an air ionizer is especially recommended for people who spend a long time in front of a computer, tablet or smartphone screen.

Air ionizers can be used both at home and in public places. Their action makes the air more clean, fresh and provides more substances appropriate for the body. In addition, it is a device that consumes relatively little power. Compared with the positive effects that this expense brings, it pays for itself virtually at the time of purchase. The air ionizer is recommended for purchase both in the home environment, as well as in corporations, where there is a large accumulation of devices that change the charge from negative air, which is harmful to a positive one with a positive effect on the body .

In our store you will find the best quality air ionizers. These are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and very efficient equipment . Some have an ozone generator, among others. They can be used in closed rooms, also in cars. Their operation and change in air quality is felt after a few days of use. The air ionizer can work constantly or be turned on only for a few hours - depending on the user's needs.

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