Bamix SwissLine M200 - Navy

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Bamix Swissline M200 Navy Hand Blender

We present the Bamix Swissline M200 hand blender made with Swiss precision. None of the hand blenders currently available has so many features. With Bamix Swissline M200, whipping protein and cream, preparing mayonnaise soups, cocktails, ice cream, sorbets, purees, compotes, tartare and other dishes is child's play. Most importantly, the Bamix Swissline M200 blender is incredibly quiet and handy.

Bamix is an extremely compact blender that will successfully replace a large food processor.

Equipment: blender, star knife, mixing wheel, whipping machine, chopper, 900ml container, stand, instruction manual.

Features of Bamix blenders

Induction motor - low noise and vibration.

By using a brushless induction motor, Bamix blenders are characterized by high work culture. They are extremely quiet and energy-saving. Induction motors achieve higher speeds than standard motors used in blenders, with much lower power consumption. In addition, Bamix grants a lifetime warranty on induction motors.

Easy to clean.

Just rinse the blender components under running water. In the case of larger dirt, just dip the end of the blender in water and turn on the machine.

Light and handy.

The shape of the Bamix blender and the materials used make the device firmly in your hand. The blender is lightweight and does not vibrate even at maximum speed.

3 sockets

Multifunctional asterisk blade, whipping wheel, mixing wheel - they will become one of your favorite kitchen items. There is no limit to cooking with Bender Bamix

Christmas knife.

Grinding, chopping, mixing and even crushing ice cubes. Suitable for use in pots and other dishes. For the preparation of soups, sauces, creams, ice cream, sorbets, cocktails.

Knife for grinding

It works during grinding fibrous products, min. raw meat, fish, vegetables (celery) and for making jams.

Whipping disc

Beats protein for stiff foam and cream, sauces, puddings, all light and fluffy products.

Mixing disc

Used to prepare mashed potatoes, mayonnaise, dough for omelets and pancakes, and all thick and smooth masses.

Speed control.

2 speed levels allow complete control of blade rotation.


The lifetime warranty covers the engine and pressed parts, all other components are covered by a 2-year warranty.

High quality materials.

All elements that come into contact with food are made of safe stainless steel, which does not absorb odors or colors.

Bamix blender in theory

Use the Bamix ® blender without restrictions, both in a dish made of delicate glass and in a large pot with hot contents. Thanks to the double insulation, you can immerse the blender in liquid up to the height of the handle.

Flawlessly optimized design Bamix ® provides excellent control of one finger. The simplified cap change system speeds up and simplifies work.

High quality
The Swiss quality of Bamix ® appliances guarantees long-term reliability in your kitchen. All attachments are made of high quality stainless steel. The engine was designed and manufactured in the Swiss Bamix ® factory.

Not just for home use
At home or outside, use the Bamix ® blender wherever you like. Professional chefs around the world have long trusted us, join them.

Professional and fast service
Disposable devices are the norm these days but you can expect more from Bamix ® . Many of our users have (and use!) Bamix ® blenders for over 30 years ... and if a failure occurs, our service will quickly and effectively get rid of it.

Discover the possibilities of the Bamix De Luxe M160

Bamix in practice

Bamix ® blenders have two rotation speeds of blades, when grinding hard products and large quantities, we recommend working at the 2nd speed.

For liquid ingredients in small quantities and for the preparation of products with a light and fluffy consistency, e.g. whipped cream, mayonnaise, use speed number I.
Place the Bamix ® blender mixing attachment vertically on the bottom of the mixing container. After a few seconds of work, tilt the tip at a slight angle and make slow up and down movements. Then place the tip on the bottom of the container again and beat the product until it has the right consistency and rigidity.
Rotational movements
When grinding, make gentle, slow rotational movements around the container, do not use force. Repeat the process until you get the right consistency.

Tip: Cover the container with your hand to prevent splashing.
Set the tip of the Bamix ® blender at a slight angle, switch on and mix very slowly.

Before removing the mixing tip from comminuted products, turn off the blender to prevent splashing.

Terms of Use

Easy to clean
To avoid sticking or sticking to the blades, clean the Bamix ® blender immediately after finishing work. For larger soils, immerse the tip of the blender in a container with warm water and a few drops of washing up liquid and then turn on the machine for a few seconds.
Blender parts (blades,whisk (whisk) after each use.
Use tall containers for mixing, they are more suitable for working with Bamix ® .
Perfect mayonnaise every time
Use a Bamix ® container and the mayonnaise will have the perfect consistency every time. The container can also be used to store the product. Remember to use eggs stored at room temperature to get the best results.
If you want to mix the liquid, immerse the Bamix ® tip before switching on the blender.
Type of finish:
Informacje ogólne
Equipment included:
  • Container
  • Chopper
  • Whipping attachment
  • Blending tip
  • Replaceable knives
  • Chopping disc
  • malakser
  • Security lock
  • Overheat protection
  • Safety switch
  • Protection against tip release during operation
Speed control:
Rotation speed:
12,000 / 18,000
Modes of operation:
  • Turbo
  • Two-stage
Blade material:
stainless steel
  • Other
  • chopping
  • shredding
  • blending
  • shredding
  • Shredding - chopping
  • Grinding
  • Ice crushing
  • mixing
  • whipping
Navy blue
0.90 g
Parametry techniczne
Engine Type:
Induction brushless (BLDC)
200 W
Cable length:
1.9 m
Dość dobry blender. Sprawdza się dobrze. Jestem zadowolona z zakupu jego.
Odkąd go mam moja praca w kuchni jest ułatwiona.Świetnie ubija białka oraz śmietanę a przy tym o kompaktowych rozmiarach. Polecam!!!!
Całkiem fajny blender, posiada dużo różnych funkcji co mnie zdecydowanie skłoniło do zakupu.
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