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ELEMNT Cycle computer - Wahoo Fitness

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MarkaWahoo Fitness Full battery life17 h GPS functionsBuilt-in GPS

Wahoo EMEMNT bike computer

Wahoo Fitness Elemnt GPS bicycle computer is a breakthrough among GPS bicycle computers! Equipped with dual-band Bluetooth Smart and ANT + technology, Elemnt GPS easily connects to all bike sensors. No more complicated menu operation! Elemnt GPS has a free application that allows you to easily configure the data field, customize the profile, track performance and share your results during training. In addition, the programmed QuickLook LED sensors allow you to quickly check which performance values you achieve, such as speed, cadence and power. Elemnt GPS is extremely simple to set up, easy to use, simple to maintain connectivity, easy to navigate - the Elemnt GPS cycling computer will provide you with the power you need, all thanks to Simplicity.


The free ELEMNT application that connects to your smartphone to customize settings and configure training plans. ELEMNT has the ability to connect with your favorite bike applications and wireless sensors.


ELEMNT BOLT has LED indicator software that gives you the ability to monitor performance and maintain communication, making reading easier than ever.


Easy access to side jackings, which allow you to zoom in and out of selected fields with one touch.


The ELEMNT BOLT cycling computer is the only wireless cycling computer, which allows us to connect with a smartphone, tablet or computer to synchronize training data, download maps or update software.


With the ability to locate friends in real time and receive text messages and phone notifications, ELEMNT BOLT gives you the opportunity to stay in touch without problems when you are out of reach.


Selected destination? Wherever you want to go, ELEMNT BOLT will take you there! All you have to do is open the application connected to ELEMNT at any time you drive and enable saving the address or name of the destination. The application connected to ELEMNT BOLT will generate a route optimized for cycling and send it to the bicycle computer along with pop-ups. You can hang up the phone and go, ELEMNT BOLT takes you everywhere!


Get accurate instructions using Wahoo "Take Me Anywhere" in the app connected to Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT and regarding all Komoot and Ride With GPS routes that are saved on ELEMNT BOLT. All routes are automatically downloaded with one button.


The Live Track feature allows you to send a link to selected people to whom you want to share access to your current location during training. This application automatically updates your current location to inform users about your current location, progress and driving method. Thanks to the Live Track you can train safely, because your loved ones have access to the current placement. In addition, your coach may have control over your training, and you can even meet other players on the selected route.


ELEMNT BOLT integrates perfectly with the Strava Live application to ensure accurate reflection of your progress and achieve your goals.


TrainingPeaks and Today's Plan programs are fully integrated with ELEMNT BOLT. Now you have the opportunity to track your training plan, perform planned trainings and send data to the application. You can keep a training plan for training at home and outside. In Wahoo KICKR and KICKR SNAP trainers, it automatically changes resistance to match the target strength of the intervals performed, to get the maximum effect of training. ELEMNT BOLT is equipped with two FTP tests and three Sky Team trainings, which were prepared by team coaches!


ELEMNT BOLT has the ability to combine with KICKR and KICKR SNAP to allow you to control scheduled workouts that trusted world champions, among others Team Sky, three times Tour de France winners.


ELEMNT BOLT gives you the ability to choose from 1 to 10 levels, each of them has a progressive resistance curve, when you pedal faster resistance is put with greater force.


The ERG mode will allow you to use ELEMNT BOLT to set the target power, and if it begins to fall, the KICKR trainer will increase the resistance so that you can maintain a constant output power, regardless of speed.


Do you have your favorite route? Training before the race? KICKR thanks to the use of the GPS file from the ELEMNT BOLT record, so as to automatically change the resistance and simulate the height of climbs and descents.


ELEMNT BOLT is fully integrated with Best Bike Split's Power and Speed Targets, thanks to which it provides accurate records of trainings and races conducted

Features of Elemnt GPS:

  • Dual-Band technology - has ANT + and Bluetooth functions that allow you to connect to any devices and sensors
  • Wireless connection and data transfer - the only wireless bicycle computer, this means that it does not need connecting to laptops in order to synchronize the achieved results, download maps or update software. All information can be sent via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or ANT +
  • GPS functionality - integrated with simple, clear map views, with many kilometers of routes perfect for cyclists
  • Clear screen - Contains all information about your ride. Possibility to choose one of several options: training view with general access to performance indicators, view of ramps to track the ramp in real time, map views, tracking of the current training and others. There are no requirements for menu or reprogramming
  • Three mounting options - three safe and solid mounting options, with stem and areo, so you can always control your ride
  • 2.7 "screen - 2.7" (68.8 mm) screen diagonal is one of the largest screens, thanks to which all data and clearly visible routes
  • USB rechargeable battery - has a durable battery that provides up to 17 hours of continuous operation
  • Easy application settings - the free Elemnt application gives you the option of configuring custom profiles, allows you to track performance and share your results
  • LED speed indicator - LED indicators give you the opportunity to check whether performance indicators such as speed, heart rate and power will match
  • Zoom buttons - easy access to the buttons located on the side of the device allowing you to zoom in and out of selected fields with one touch
  • Smart buttons - three touch, easy to presspressing the buttons on the bottom of the Elemnt GPS, which quickly allow you to quickly read all data and quickly switch between screens
  • Contains world maps - Elemnt has in its memory maps of North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and South America. Maps of Russia, Asia and Africa can be easily downloaded via WiFi
  • Live Track Portal - Thanks to the Live Track function you have the option of sharing the link with others via the Elemnt Companion application, so they will be able to track your ride during it on the Live Track website. Perfect for loved ones who will watch over your safety, a trainer or other competitors who will be able to meet you on the route
  • Messages, e-mail, telephones - Shows notifications on the screen, LEDs and a window appears that informs about important contacts. Only available if you use your smartphone while driving
  • Automatic and wireless updates - after synchronizing with your favorite compatible accounts (Strava, Ride with GPS, Best Bike Split, Komoot), the existing routes will be automatically and wirelessly downloaded to Elemnt. After training, you can send data from Elemnt to your account with one button
  • Go to selected routes - Using the Elemnt application, you can enter a destination, address, or point of interest so that the optimal route for cycling is generated
  • BreadCrumb return route - in Elemnt GPS and the accompanying application, you can choose this option, thanks to which Elemnt will show you the route on the map, so that you return as you arrived
  • Bluetooth synchronization - WiFi router synchronization can be done via Bluetooth. Automatically send the selected route to Elemnt GPS via smartphone
  • Intelligent trainer control elemnt - use Elemnt to control elemnt or elemnt Snap in three modes - level, ERG and history of routes and driving - to increase training efficiency. Thanks to route and driving history, Elemnt controls the elemnt to automatically change resistance and adapt to the route altitude profile
  • ANT + FE-C aging - gives you the option to control trainers other than Whoo Fitness that have ANT + FE-C equipped
  • Scheduled, training and today's trainings - training plans and day plan fully integrated with Elemnt. Now you have the option of keeping training plans, organizing training sessions and sending data directly to the application. Lead your training plan for outdoor and indoor workouts. In the case of the elemnt Smart trainer, the resistance changes automatically so that you can adjust the target strength of each interval so that you can make the most of your workout
  • Team Sky trainings - Elemnt has been equipped with five structural trainings to do at home or outside - two FTP tests and three Team Sky trainings created by a team of trainers
  • Electronic compatibility system - Elemnt displays a visual and numerical indication of what the battery of the front and rear wheels looks like and gear shifting. Elemnt works with Shimano Dura Ace Di2, SRAM eTAP, FSA WE and the Campagnolo EPS electronic gearshift system. Di2 allows you to control Elemnt using the "hood" buttons that allow you to use your thumbs to change sides to Elemnt, use the lap buttons, zoom in and out data fields without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. Note: Di2 support requires a Shimano D-Fly wireless transmitter
  • Muscle sensor compatibility - Elemnt shows the amount of saturated and total hemoglobins during training. Elemnt works with BSXInsight and Moxy Muscle Oxygen Sensors
  • Turn-By-Turn navigation with Koomt and Ride with GPS - receive information and LED notifications on detailed directions on routes generated by Komoot and Ride with GPS
  • Strava Live - Elemnt integrates with Strava Live to ensure accurate performance measurement and help you achieve your goals. It also gives you the opportunity to track your Strava Suffer results during training, which checks your training performance and is based on different heart rate measurements compared to your maximum heart rate.
  • Integration of the best programs - Elemnt integrates with Best Bike Split to enable placement of your workout plan. Elemnt shows the target power, speed and time remaining until the next tip to ensure the best performance!


  • Product number: WFCC1
  • Dimensions: 57.5mm x 90.5mm x 21.2mm
  • Display Size: 2.7 "
  • Weight: 100g
  • Battery charging: USB for charging
  • Battery life: up to 16 hours
  • Waterproof: IPX7 (waterproof up to 5 feet)
  • Shock resistance: Yes
  • Supported satellites: GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU Galileo and QZSS
  • Operating temperature: -4 ° F to 122 ° F / -20 ° C to 50 ° C
Cechy unikalne komputerów rowerowych
Full battery life:
17 h
GPS functions:
Built-in GPS
Weight [g] :
99 g

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