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HAPPYCALL CROCODILE IH Wok Graphen 30 cm with Graphene Coating

The Crocodile series is a PREMIUM series using an innovative material - graphene - as the outer shell, and titanium as the inner shell. Each Crocodile frying pan has a total of 11 coatings, including graphene, aluminum (97% purity) and titanium layer, which combination results in the strongest and most durable coating enabling cooking without sticking. Happycall kitchen dishes from the Crocodile series are characterized by: scratch and high temperature resistant outer coating, easy washing and cleaning. In addition, they have a simple and elegant look, which is complemented by a vintage wooden handle . It is worth emphasizing the fact that they were made of environmentally friendly materials and do not contain harmful PFOA. Technology and quality. Happycall guarantees that products are made of the safest and highest quality materials


Premium internal titanium coating

Titanium is a shiny transition metal with low density and high strength. Titanium alloy with iron or aluminum can be used to make durable and light kitchen utensils. Titanium is widely used in the agri-food industry, as well as for the production of medical prostheses and orthopedic and dental implants, which proves its high safety in kitchen applications.

Excellent durability and corrosion resistance make the coating extremely durable even when preparing hot, salty and spicy dishes.

Special outer graphene coating

Graphene has been hailed as a wonderful material - a thin substance the thickness of one atom is the lightest, strongest and thinnest material known to humanity. It is also the best heat and electricity conductor ever discovered. High graphene resistance allows the production of water resistant and crack resistant coatings. Its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity can be used to produce very durable anti-oxidation and scratch-resistant coatings.

Elegant wooden handle in vintage style

A specially designed elegant handle made of vintage wood is another feature of PREMIUM Crocodile dishes. The "handle" made of wood does not heat, ensuring safe use of the container and minimizing the risk of burns.

Compatible with all ovens

The Crocodile series is compatible with all ovens:

-gas stove




No harmfulPFOA (0%)

The absence of PFAO, or Teflon compounds harmful to health, has been confirmed by thorough research.

Graphene is called the material of the future by many. It has a flat structure made of carbon atoms joined together in hexagons. This material resembles a honeycomb in its shape, and because it has a one-atomic thickness, it is simply called a two-dimensional structure.

The most important properties of graphene:

  • very low resistance which promotes fast heat conduction (heating)
  • it is practically 100% transparent, absorbs about 2% of light
  • very high flexibility
  • strength about 100 times greater than steel
  • has bactericidal properties
  • isolates   gases


dimensions Ø 310 (with rim) x 539 (with handle) x 116 mm
Weight 1.3 kg
Colour Black / navy blue
Material used Aluminum (97% purity) covered with a protective layer of graphene and titanium, Bakelite, Magnet
Internal coating 5 layers, including a titanium layer
Outer shell 6 layers, including graphene
Type of oven

Gas stove

Electric cooker

Ceramic plate

Induction cooker

Washing in a dishwasher Yes
Producer's country South Korea
Manufacturer Happycall Co., Ltd.

Certifications obtained

- Titanium coating tested

- ISO 9001 International Quality Recognition (international product quality standards)

- ISO 14001 International Quality Recognition (one of the ISO standards, used in environmental management)

- Heavy metal test

- Without PFOA * (PFOA FREE - does not contain substances harmful to health)

* PFOA is a substance used in the production of Teflon, this compound contributes to the development of numerous diseases including infertility, thyroid disease and even cancer.

30 cmcm
Informacje ogólne
Product type:
Wok with graphene coating
2 years
  • Happycall Crocodille
Patelnie garnki itd
Internal coating:
  • titanium
Outer shell:
  • Graphene
Pan type:
  • wok
Material made:
Dodatkowe informacje
Additional information:
  • Can be used on an induction cooker
  • Non-heating handles
  • Finishing elements made of high quality wood
  • Premium quality
  • Innovative GRAFEN coating
Rzeczywisty czas przygotowywania posiłku w woku zmniejsza się do minimum. Myje się świetnie,szybciutko nagrzewa . Wykonanie extra klasa.
Wok jest świetny, znacznie szybciej się nagrzewa i utrzymuje temperaturę w porównaniu do podrzędnych woków. Jak dla mnie wok wart swojej ceny
Bardzo fajna głęboka i lekka patelnia .Wykonanie pierwsza klasa .
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